I can offer a variety of assessments, with children and young people from 2 to 25 years of age.

This includes:

  • assessments of a child or young person's learning, including identifying barriers to progress; advice to teachers and parents to support a child's progress.
  • assessment of literacy skills and advice to teachers and parents to help increase the child's progress with reading. This may include the identification of, and advice around, dyslexia and specific literacy difficulties.
  • assessment of a child's social, emotional and behavioural development and offer advice to teachers and parents to help them support progress
  • eliciting and sharing children's views
  • individual work with a child or young person to help with the development of their social and emotional skills, e.g. Anger Management, Social skills

In addition, I can also provide:

  • training for parents, schools and other organisations on a range of subjects associated with education and special educational needs, including Child Development, Thinking and Learning, Literacy, Autism, Language and Communication, Play, Target setting, Behaviour
  • consultation and supervision for teachers, teaching support staff and other professional groups.
  • work at a systemic level within schools which may include research and evaluation work to help to highlight and improve whole school approaches, classroom practice and the effectiveness of interventions. 

Further information about what Educational Psychologists do can be found on the British Psychological Society and Association of Educational Psychologists' websites, via the links below.